Galaxytool hosting
This hosting is offered by eX0du5, the owner of the Galaxytool to enable people to have an own Galaxytool installation who are not familiar with setting up a web application.

Advantages of this hosting solution:
  • No knowlegde of php, ftp or other things needed
  • No manual updates needed. The Galaxytool will be updated automatically to the newest version.
  • Direct hosting from the author of the Galaxytool allows easier support
  • No server costs for you. Most free hosting solutions do not allow the Galaxytool because they cannot place adverts at the Galaxytoolbar response. But please consider a donation to keep the service running.
Disadvantages of this hosting solution:
  • The Galaxytool installation will be deleted if nobody logged in for more than one month.
  • You cannot install any third party plugins (e.g. bluetool)
  • Data older than three month will be cleaned up automatically to keep the tool size small to allow more tools.
  • Adverts are shown within the Galaxytool

Donations The Galaxytool hosting requires donations to stay alive as adverts alone are not sufficuent.
If you donated, leave a message with the tool you are using to:
  • Get the adverts disabled for your tool and all its users.
  • Avoid deletion after one month of inactivity.
  • Avoid deletion of data older than three month.

Terms of usage
  • The Galaxytool installation will be deleted after 30 days of inactivity (no active login).
  • This is a free hosting solution, you have no legal claims for availability of this service. I will try to keep the server up and running as smooth as possible.
  • If a Galaxytool installation is deleted by accident, you have no claim to replace the installation.
  • This offering is free and only paid with adverts. Therefore I want you to disable adblocker for If you refuse to do so, it may happen that the whole hosting solution will be closed from one day to another.
    You have also the option to donate for this server.
  • Please check the news or follow us on twitter to get your updates for the Galaxytool and the hosting service. Donations are more than welcome and needed to keep this service alive!

You can donate to keep this server up and running.
Please add a comment for which tool you donate.

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